Dee Dee’s Gourmet Cheese Straws

Perfect for snacking or as an upscale party appetizer. A tasty complement to a glass
of wine or iced tea.

All natural,
NO trans fat!


Original Recipe
Jalapeno Cheddar
Pimento Cheese

How Do You Make the Perfect Cheese Straw?

Dee Norton Founder

While living in Pennsylvania over 25 years ago, Donna “Dee Dee” Norton had the fortune to befriend a neighbor who not only shared her Southern roots, but her taste for delicious, old-fashioned cheese straws.

At the time, Dee Dee could not have known what a casual recipe exchange and an authentic old-fashioned cookie press could bring over time. Grocers,markets, specialty shops, friends, family and neighbors alike, can tell you Dee Dee’s Gourmet Cheese Straws have satisfied thousands of appetites ever since.

Dee Dee eventually returned to her Southern roots in more ways than one. She moved back to North Carolina and began making and sharing her handmade straws.

Until just a few years ago, Dee Dee continued to use the same cookie press her neighbor had once passed on to her- manually grinding and mixing ingredients by hand. But once again, friendship and good fortune came to call. This time her collaboration was with a friend – an engineer by trade – who helped her automate the time-consuming, grind-by-hand process. Over night, Dee Dee’s hobby of making homemade holiday gifts for family and friends suddenly flourished into a successful, culinary passion

What makes Dee Dee’s Gourmet Cheese Straws so unique and delicious? Well, Dee Dee knows a thing or two about appealing to generational tastes. As a mother of three and a grandmother of nine, her priorities have always been to serve healthy, quality foods. Likewise, her aged cheese is all natural, antibiotic and preservative free.  She then blends the recipe to deliver a rich, buttery flavor that finishes with a spicy southern zing. And who could forget her refined, homemade baking technique -the perfect crispy crunch. Delicious!

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